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BAJC dancing for Street Life Ministries

I just want to thank the BAJC families for coming out in the cold tonight to dance in the parking lot by Cassia House for Street Life Ministries.  I truly am inspired, blessed, and thankful for your hearts that overflow with love for those around you.  I know it isn’t easy to do this on a cold busy night in the middle of preparing for exams.  There is something so touching when I see your beautiful, fresh faces dancing for people who have experienced such brokenness.  You are a touch of heaven here on earth.  Your dancing brings me to my knees and breaks my heart all over again for what I know breaks God’s.  Thank you!  And thank you Lexi for helping to come up with such a beautiful dance and helping with transportation.

BAJC and Basic 3 dancers

Hello Families and Dancers! I just wanted to thank you for coming out to dance for the veterans and the families in the shelter last night. I know it is a busy time of the year, and it took some effort to get to both places in bad traffic. I am so grateful that you… More

Mini Nutcracker performance for friends at PCC

We had such a fun evening last night performing for our friends at Kainos.  Kainos provides jobs and independent living for mentally disabled adults.  They have such an excellent program and their clients are thriving.  They were an awesome audience and their joy permeated our hearts.  Our mission this fall hasbeen to bring dance to… More

Great time at American Girl summer dance camp!

It was a wonderful week dancing with our 4-6’s, 7-12’s, and basic 3 girls.  They learned a lot–tap, hip hop, jazz, modern, and ballet.  Thank you for being such a great group.  Next week we are onto week 2 of our summer camps.  I hope you can join us.  Register here:     More