• 2014 Nutcracker Ballet - Finale - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2014 Nutcracker Ballet - Russian Scene - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2014 Nutcracker Ballet - Chinese Scene - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2014 Nutcracker Ballet - Battle Scene - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2014 Nutcracker Ballet - Haylie Jarvis - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2014 Nutcracker Ballet - Haylie Jarvis - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2013 Nutcracker Ballet - Flower Scene - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2013 Nutcracker Ballet - Battle Scene - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2013 Nutcracker Ballet - Sweets Scene - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2013 Nutcracker Ballet - Russian Scene - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2012 Ballet America Company Photo
  • 2012 Nutcracker Ballet - Russian Scene - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2012 Nutcracker Ballet - Sweets Scene - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2012 Nutcracker Ballet - Chinese Scene - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2012 Nutcracker Ballet - Snow Scene - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • Jackie Dugan - Academy of American Ballet - Redwood City | Atherton | Woodside

Committee Assignments

Ballet Boutique – 3 People. 1

Chaperones – 16 People. 3

Costumes – 10 to 12 people. 4

House Manager – 1 Person. 6

Load In and Load Out – 6 People. 9

Ticket Sales – 2 people. 11

Production – 2 to 3 people. 12

Programs – 2 to 3 people. 14

Props – 4 to 6 People. 15

Publicity – 5 to 7 people. 17

Raffle – 1 Person. 19

School Coordinator – 2 People. 20

Show Spokesperson – 1 Person. 22

Video and Photographs – 1 Person. 23

Nutcracker Organizer — 2 People. 24

Ushers — 10. 25

Floater Jobs. 26

Ballet Boutique. 26

Music – 1 Person. 26

Publicity. 26

Costume Check-in. 26


Ballet Boutique – Filled

Jobs on this committee are stock and sell ballet boutique merchandise, create a Nutcracker t-shirt to sell at the performances and to the cast, create and sell flowers and bouquets.

Desired Skills

Creativity, floral arrangement, graphic arts, strong organizational skills

Number of volunteer hours

Membership on this committee fulfills the Nutcracker volunteer commitment

Ballet Boutique merchandise – 20 hours

Nutcracker t-shirt – 9 hours

Flowers – 7 hours

Everyone – Staff boutique during shows (4 hours), assemble flower bouquets (3 hours)

Misc – Staff boutique at the Nutcracker Tea on Saturday November 14 (4 hours)

Floater jobs are also available.  Please refer to the section at the end of this document.



You will need to work at the Nutcracker Tea Party (Nov 9 and ? (ask Alison Rak for additional date at PAC), 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, you could also get a floater to fill in instead) and at both Friday and Sunday performances.

  • Inventory unsold merchandise from previous years
  • Purchase new items to sell
  • Purchase cookies from Costco to sell
  • Determine prices for goods and label merchandise with prices.
  • Send email to cast soliciting donated items to sell
  • Set up and stage merchandise to sell
  • Pack up unsold items and take back to the studio
  • Coordinate with Programs to make sure you aren’t contacting the same list of businesses.  Think about splitting up the business contacts.


  • Send email to the cast notifying them that they can preorder flowers
  • Make copies of the order form, consider using GoogleDocs for an online ordering form.  Set up collection box at the studio for order forms and payments
  • Collect and record flower orders from the cast
  • Preorder flowers from Costco
  • With other volunteers, assemble flowers into bouquets
  • Deliver flowers to the Fox
  • ( not doing a Saturday show this year) At the Saturday performances, hand out preordered flowers and sell available bouquets
  • Design the t-shirt
  • Send email to cast notifying them about the cost and availability
  • Take orders and collect money for t-shirts
  • Get t-shirts made
  • Distribute t-shirts to cast members who ordered
  • Coordinate with the person in charge of the Boutique to see how many t-shirts she wants to sell

Message from the Director

Thank you for bringing in more funds through the boutique.  Our show will keep getting better as our budget builds.  Your efforts are valued!

Box Office Ticket Sales – 2 people

Desired Skills

Strong organizational and people skills, must be punctual

Number of volunteer hours

The Chair of this committee can expect to spend 6 hours.  Other committee members will spend 2.5 hours to fulfill tasks.



  • Print a report from tix.com that list all patrons and the tickets that they purchased, make sure there are 2 copies per show for the Box Office
  • Get $200 – $300 in petty cash
  • Collect and organize supplies and signs needed (detailed on the Yahoo group)
  • Separate tickets, order and organize by section
  • For each show, highlight the free seats on two Excel spreadsheets.
    Remember to darken locations as the tickets are sold.
  • Safeguard cash box and deliver to Julia at the end of the show (?)
  • After the show, tally all the unsold tickets and tell Julia the breakdown of the number of unsold tickets by show and then by section.
  • Work with House Manager to provide free seats in case of problems
  • Arrange for two backstage contacts (maybe chaperones) to contact in case a friend of a dancer comes in asking for tickets that the dancer is supposed to have
  • Send email 5 days before the show telling cast members to let their friends know that only cash or checks will be accepted at the Box Office



  • Report to the Fox Box Office 1 hour before show time.  You must be punctual.
  • Two people will hand out will call tickets (these are tickets that are already purchased and just need to be picked up)
  • Two people will handle ticket sales to walk-in customers
  • Two people will need to stay for 20 minutes after the show starts to handle late comers

Message from the Director

Thank you for helping to organize the ticket sales of the show.  Your efforts make sure that we can pay for all of the expenses!

Chaperones – 16 People

Desired Skills

Good with children, learn to recognize exactly when in the music the dancers go onto the stage by watching and listening carefully in rehearsal (2 members), organizational skills (for Chairs)

Number of Volunteer Hours

Chairs on this committee fulfill the Nutcracker volunteer commitment.  Dressing Room Chaperones can count 6 to 13.5 hours towards the Nutcracker volunteer commitment.  Backstage Chaperones can count 11 hours towards the Nutcracker volunteer commitment.

Time:  3 hours per performance (6 hrs), 1.5 hours for lunch duty during School Matinee performances (12/4), 2 to 3 hours during the Tech rehearsal (12/3 evening), 2 to 3 hours Dress rehearsal at studio (11/29).  Not all chaperones will be needed at the Dress Rehearsal or Tech Rehearsal.


Chairs (2)
  • In Sept/Oct.  Organize members into two teams.  Each team will be responsible for a School Matinee and a Friday or Sunday performance.  Make sure that people know, before ticket sales open, which paid performance they will chaperone so they buy tickets for the show that they are not chaperoning.
  • In October (you can delegate this), purchase the following supplies (keep receipts):
  • Red felt to cut into circles and paste on cheeks
  • Eyelash glue (this is a little hard to find, you may want to work with costumes and see if they can order this from a dance supply catalog, the tubes are tiny so order 4 or 5).
  • Safety pins, bobby pins, hairspray, lipstick
  • Eyeliner (for drawing noses and whiskers on baby mice)
  • In November:
  • Work with rehearsal directors to get a list of all children who need help with quick changes, assign a particular chaperone to help.  Ask Production Manager for show order.
  • Obtain a list of dancers and their entrances from rehearsal directors for the angels, lambs, act 2 soldiers, and sugar plum tree scene, baby mice, sugar crystals so that they enter from the correct side of the stage; i.e., stage left or stage right.
  • Arrange to get CDs of the music to the 4 people who will be Backstage Chaperones in case we don’t have backstage monitors.
  • Send email to cast letting parents know the drop-off and pick-up procedure for the children in the two large group dressing rooms, also children’s hair and make up should be done ahead of time.  Please make sure that all children have their ballet shoe drawstrings tucked into their ballet shoes before they go onstage.
  • Purchase water and snacks for the younger children (there is a budget for this).  Make sure snacks will not stain costumes.
  • Purchase coloring books or other quiet activity for younger children
  • Obtain emergency and allergy information from [email protected]
  • Go over theatre rules before rehearsal and shows with all chaperones and children.
  • Work as chaperone in dressing rooms
Dressing Room Chaperones (10)

You will work during the Dress Rehearsal at the studio (Sunday rehearsal in late November, Nov. 24, and Dec. 1, 2 – 2.5 hours), Tech Rehearsal at the Fox (Thurs Dec 5, from 5 pm to 9 pm), one School Matinee show (Friday Dec 6, either 10 am or 12 pm, 3 hours), and one public performance (Fri Dec 6, 3 hours or Sun., Dec. 8 for 3 hours)

  • Help children get dressed
  • Make sure that your groups have their props (angels will need their candles, confectioners will need their spoons, Act II Soldiers will need guns)
  • Supervise quiet activities and lunch if you are present during the break between School Matinees
  • Hang costumes up when children are finished with their part, make sure you have all the accessories.  This is very important at the end of the Sunday show as we will be carrying them out of the theatre.
  • Keep dressing room clean
Backstage Chaperones (4)

You will be working during the Tech Rehearsal at the Fox (from 7 pm to 9 pm on Thurs Dec56), one School Matinee show (Fri Dec 6, 2 hours), and one public performance wither Friday or Sunday (2.5 hours).  Please stay focused on your job.  If you get too wrapped up in watching the show, dancers may miss their entrances!

  • Learn to recognize exactly when in the music the dancers go onto the stage by watching and listening carefully in rehearsal.  You will need to learn the music for the baby mice, lambs, angels, sugar crystals, Act 2 soldiers, Sugar Plum Tree Scene dancer, and Gingerbread dancers.  These children cannot be relied upon to enter the stage at the right time.
  • You will be working directly with the backstage technical crew, so you will have to use their etiquette (like wearing dark colors and understanding the chain of command).  You may also be asked to help with their work (like holding a curtain back or something).  Talk to someone in Production to get this information.
  • Pick up the right group of children from the dressing room and organize them before they enter the stage.  Children should be ready in the wings 5 minutes before they go on stage, no earlier.
  • You are responsible for transporting each group of children from their exit wing to the children’s dressing area (after they have finished their dances).

Message from the Director

Thank you for taking such good care of our most important cast members—our kids!  Your ability to help keep the kids refreshed and excited to perform, makes the show better.

Please note that you can rotate or have your partners help with these tasks in order that you can see your child dance.  If this occurs it is your responsibility to make sure that everyone understands what is happening.  You or your partner will be required to be backstage during the duration of Nutcracker show, so I will leave it to you and your partner to rotate.  Perhaps one of you can view the matinee show while the other attends the evening show.

Costumes – 10 people

Desired Skills

Able to hand sew (most of the work involves sewing hooks and eyes) and/or use a sewing machine (and you own one also), tailoring experience is a strong plus, good organizational skills, able to take initiative

Number of volunteer hours

Membership on this committee fulfills the Nutcracker volunteer commitment.


Chairs (1-2)
  • Get cast list from Director, update Excel spreadsheet , post on theYahoo group and in dressing room.  Monitor (constantly) and communicate changes to your group.  Divide up responsibilities for costumes, by scenes (e.g., Snow, Gingerbread) among members
  • Update name tags on costumes using cast list, make new tags as needed- have committee members help with this.
  • Update Accessory list, re-bag accessories and label bags as needed
  • Work with the director to order or replace any costumes or accessories missing from last year. Update Costume Inventory list with new items.  Train new members on procedures for fittings and alterations. Verify with director and Publicity Chair if costumes will be needed for Outreach Programs.  This year’s events include two Nutcracker Teas and the Redwood City Hometown Holiday Parade.  Get dates and dancers involved and schedule alterations accordingly, at least two weeks in advance.  Will likely need at least one more boy’s jacket.
  • Monitor progress of all costume alterations.  Help committee members who are having problems with alterations.
  • Check with Director about setting up make-up/hair session for cast
  • Assign dancers to dressing rooms at the Fox (find out from Julia how many dressing rooms we will have available for use 1 week before show.  Last year one was unexpectedly filled already and we couldn’t use it).  Make sure you provide the dressing room assignments to load in/out and props 1 week before load-out.
  • Coordinate with Load-in about costumes and make sure they load these things after props are taken to theatre.  Otherwise props can’t get to the throne, sugar plum tree, gingerbread house, etc. because the halls will be jammed with costumes.
  • Organize costumes on rack by dressing room for Load-in
  • Send email to cast members on the following topics:  accessories needed for their parts, responsibilities for their costumes, order any tights or shoes a month before the show, make arrangements for quick changes.
  • Organize and supervise All-cast dress rehearsal at the studio.  Make sure sewing supplies are available at Fox during Tech rehearsal


  • Attend meeting with Chairs to get organized
  • Check costumes and accessories against inventory list on Excel spreadsheet
  • Help pull costume racks from back room.  Check inventory list for your assigned costumes to ensure all pieces and accessories are on hand.  Help label costumes (accessory bag) with dancer’s name. Send email to dancers to schedule a fitting in early October, the fitting should be before and possibly after a rehearsal (for late comers) when the dancers will already be at the studio (see rehearsal schedule in Yahoo group or at the studio)
  • At the costume fitting, note the alterations and repairs that are needed.  Mark new location of hooks and eyes with safety pins. Add new hooks, sew through all layers.  Do not move existing hooks.
  • Purchase supplies needed for the repairs or alterations, if the studio doesn’t have them (you will be reimbursed)
  • Make the repairs or alterations on the costumes.  Meet deadlines for when costume must be ready.  Note: ALWAYS safety-pin costumes to the hangar. Refit the costume on the dancers, as needed and make adjustments
  • Attend All-cast dress rehearsal at the studio to note any problems with costumes that you worked on and fix as necessary
  • Be available at the dress rehearsal at the Fox for any minor repairs
  • Report progress/problems to Chair

Message from the Director

Thank you!  The quality of the final production is greatly enhanced by your work.  We have always been fortunate to have such excellent help with costumes, and it really makes a difference.



House Manager – 1 Person

Desired Skills

Strong people skills, strong organizational and leadership skills, able to handle stressful situations, able to think fast on your feet when seating problems crop up

Number of volunteer hours

Fulfills the volunteer commitment


  • Work with Julia to make sure that we can get enough people to usher for both performances.  Recruit at least 5 more ushers than are actually needed to accommodate last minute no shows.
  • Contact ushers and let them know what is expected from them (arrival times, duties, how to dress, etc)
  • Meet with ushers before the show to go over responsibilities and assign ushers to specific posts
  • Work with Production and the Manager of the Fox Theatre
  • Work with the School Coordinators to arrange seating assignments for schools at the theatre.  Help arrange theatre before school shows to allow easy seating of students.
  • Work with Box Office sales to resolve any problems (broken seats, double booked seats, etc) that require that people need different seats than what they purchased
  • Ensure the audience crowd flow from ticket sales to seating is orderly
  • Open the house (this is the area of the theatre where patrons sit)
  • Start the show for both Acts
  • Coordinate all details with the ushers.
  • Make sure there is also Kleenex, paper towels, water, and trash bags available backstage for dancers.  Keep receipts and turn into Julia.


House Manager




Responsibility:  Manage the audience experience from ticket sales to start of show.  You are in charge of the Ushers and must get them briefed and positioned.  You must ensure the audience crowd flow from ticket sales to seating is orderly.  You must open the house and start the show.  No one will prompt you to do these things and the house will not open and the show will not start until you say so.


Arrive at theatre:  Friday, December 6, 2013:  8:45 am for matinee (starts at 10:00 am) and at 5:45 pm for main performance (starts at 7:00 pm).  Times below for evening performance—adjust appropriately for matinee.


Wear:  Red, Green, or White blouse/shirt with black pants/skirt.


Bring:   An accurate watch (please verify setting), a copy of Usher instructions for each Usher (please do this for each show), and a tupper wear box for ticket stubs.


5:45 pm:          Check in with Fox Theatre manager and brief Ushers on responsibilities.  Hand out Usher instructions to each Usher (please do this for each show).


5:45 – 6:00:     Position Ushers.  4 Front Door Ushers at front door to take tickets.  2 House Ushers at each house entrance.  Ensure front door and house entrance doors are all closed and ensure Ushers know not to open until you give the word.  Make sure each house door has enough programs.  Check in with ticket sales and make sure they are up and running with no problems.  Ensure early audience members are forming a line and otherwise behaving themselves outside of the theatre.  Give ticket stub box to Front Door Ushers.


6:00:                Lobby opens.  Open front door and have Ushers start taking tickets and letting people in.  Make sure they are being friendly and greeting people appropriately.


6:00 – 6:15:     Clear the house.  Go through theatre area and make sure everyone is entering with a ticket.  If they don’t have a ticket, they need to leave the theatre (otherwise they will mess up the assigned seating).  Make sure there are no dancers, dance bags or other items in the theatre or visible on stage.  Ensure that the curtain is down and the lights are appropriate.  This is a good time to coordinate with the tech guys.


6:15 pm:          Open the house.  Go to each house door and tell the House Ushers to open up.  Make sure they are handing out programs and helping people find their seats.  Monitor crowd flow and make sure everything is orderly.  Make the rounds and make sure the Ushers aren’t having any problems.  Remind the House Ushers to close the house doors once the show begins.


6:45 pm:          Check in with Julia Dugan to verify show is ready to start.  Go back stage and announce “15 MINUTES…”  Walk around and announce this several times.  This helps to get the dancers in position and focused.  Find the head phones and establish communication with the tech guys.


6:45 – 6:50:     Go out front and, based on crowd flow, make a good decision whether the show can reasonably start in ten minutes.  Check in with John or Julia Dugan before deciding to delay the show for more than 5 or 10 minutes.


6:50 pm:          Have tech crew dim lights.  Go back stage and announce “10 MINUTES…”


6:55 pm:          Have tech crew dim lights.  Go back stage and announce “5 MINUTES, PLACES EVERYONE!”


7:00 – 7:05:     Start the Show!!  Tell the tech guys to start.  The show will not start until you give the word.



Intermission:    Make sure the House Ushers have properly opened all of the house doors.  Make sure at least two Ushers are at the front door to check ticket stubs of the smokers and others who leave the theatre.  Pick up ticket stub box and deliver to either John or Julia Dugan after the show.


10 Minutes:     Have tech guys dim lights.  Go back stage and check in with Julia Dugan to verify show is ready to start.   Announce “5 MINUTES, PLACES EVERYONE!”


15 Minutes:     Start the 2nd Act!!  Tell the tech guys to start.  Ensure each house door gets shut.


End of Show:  Ensure all front doors and each house door get opened.  Come to the cast party for beer and pizza!!




Message from the Director

Thank you for organizing the in-flow of the audience.  The impressions we make with the public matter.  We want them to attend our shows repeatedly.  When the front is running smoothly, the audience can truly just enjoy their time at the theatre.  Please make sure ushers have a cordial tone with attendees.  Thanks so much!

Load In and Load Out – 6 People

Desired Skills

Organizational skills, minor lifting, attention to detail, ability to organize and pack items efficiently in a storage space, punctuality.  Access to a SUV, minivan, or truck is a plus.  Can also rent a u-haul truck. 

Number of volunteer hours

Fulfills the volunteer commitment


Members of this committee will have to take time off from work on Thursday Dec 5 to load and transport costumes, accessories, and props (including the larger props like the Gingerbread House, Sugar Plum Tree, Christmas Tree, and marley/snow bag/gaffer’stape rented at Musson in Santa Clara, and Throne) to the Fox Theatre.

Two members of this committee will also need to help during the evening show to load out costumes and props from Act I after they have been used.  Remaining members must show up as soon as the evening show ends to start loading.

Load out also needs to show up at the studio on Sunday/Monday December 8/9 to complete unloading items at the studio and storing them in closets and storage areas.

Load in

  • Secure trucks and transport vehicles in advance of Thursday Dec5.
  • Work with Costume, Prop Chairs, and Production to coordinate the transportation and receipt of all items
  • Pack costume racks, bins, and props into transport vehicles
  • Throne, and trees will fit in u-haul fine.
  • Have one person go to Fox before vehicle arrives to make sure that the tables and furniture is moved the side of the green room (dressing room hallway).  And let production crew know stuff is about to arrive.  Make sure costume committee knows the dressing room assignments already need to be posted on the doors before you arrive, or you won’t be able to put the costumes in the rooms correctly.
  • Drive these items over to the Fox Theatre.  Take over props first, costumes second.  That way props committee can start assembling house and trees without hallways crammed with costumes.  Check in with Stephanie Finander to see if where trees, gingerbread house, and throne can be placed in the wings.
  • Notify Production when everything is scheduled to arrive at the theater. They will assist with load in.
  • Unload costume racks and place in correct dressing rooms.  Make sure to get costume assignments from costume committee and put the racks close to each room where they need to go or even in them if at all possible so hallways are operable.
  • Set up bins containing props onto tables for the Props committee in the common area of the Fox backstage (or green room)

Load out

  • Secure trucks and transport vehicles (just rent small u-haul truck if needed) in advance of Sunday, Dec. 8.
  • Assist checkout to inventory and remove bins and costume racks as they fill
  • Pack all transportation vehicles with costumes racks, prop bins, and large props
  • Put back everything at the studio.  Can be stored in bulk at studio Sunday evening, but by  Monday at 3:00, everything needs to be put away at studio properly.
  • Assemble Throne at the studio
  • Contact Motio ([email protected] phone 839-9980) to gain access to Motio’s back closet where gingerbread house is stored.
  • Store items that are not airing out in proper storage areas.  See detailed instructions in LoadInLoadOutInformation.doc on that Yahoo group.

Message from the Director

Best wishes with all of this.  I know it is a lot of work, but our costumes and props are our treasures and really make our production special.  Thanks for taking good care of them as well as insuring that our dancers have something to wear!

Studio Ticket Sales 2 people

Desired Skills

Familiarity with software (able to run reports from a web application), strong organizational and communication skills, simple math

Number of volunteer hours

Membership on this committee fulfills the Nutcracker volunteer commitment.


  • Function as a liaison between Fox (Lori Lochefield) and dancers
  • Verify seating at the Fox by calling Lori to make sure there haven’t been any changes (like the Sound Board got moved) that would eliminate seats from prior years.  Let Julia know of any changes in seating.  Find out total number of seats for wheel chair and normal assigned seating.   Also, take orders from the Committee Chairs for their tickets on the first day.
  • Contact videographer and photographer to find out where they want to be located in the theatre and which shows.  Reserve those seats so they are not sold.
  • Set aside comps for Julia for teachers, Stanford brothers, guest dancers, and Redwood City Cultural Commission
  • Update FAQ and other documents related to tickets
  • Post signs at the studio announcing ticket prices, ordering procedures, and performance dates at least 1 week before sales open
  • Send email to the cast announcing when ticket sales will open, ticket cost, and Frequently Asked Questions document regarding seating in the Fox and ordering
  • Track any known ticket-related issues (e.g., lost tickets, hand-issued tickets, etc.) and send to the House Manager and Box Office Ticket Sales Chair
  • Arrange for printing of unsold tickets and delivery to the Box Office Sales Chair
  • VERY IMPORTANT!!!  Give weekly updates of ticket sales to cast via email and print spreadsheet showing sales at studio and pin to board.  Begin this by mid-October.  Send updates to Julia via email ([email protected])
  • After the show is over, provide Publicity with a summary of where people heard about the show (assuming that we can get the marketing information)
  • Create a list of dancers who did not sell their quota of 12 tickets and submit to Julia one week after the show

Message from the Director

About 85% of our tickets are sold through cast members which really makes this show possible.  Your work is tedious, but so important to the future of these productions!

Production – 2 people

Desired Skills

  • Prior backstage experience
  • Willingness to learn and follow instructions
  • ·         Willingness to do physical labor

Number of volunteer hours

Full-time membership on this committee fulfills the Nutcracker volunteer commitment.  Full-time members will work backstage at the Thursday Tech rehearsal and all performances.

Volunteer hours are also available for working on setting things up during the day on Thursday and putting things away after the Sunday show (the strike).

Tasks for Committee Chair


  • Recruit Lighting Designer
  • Recruit technicians as necessary:  grip(s), sound operator, follow-spot operators, assistant stage manager, etc.
  • Prepare to run the show (show order, cue sheets, plots, etc.)


At Thursday Tech Rehearsal

  • Roll out marley, tape down
  • Hang the four backdrops and the snow cradle
  • Move curtains (legs, teasers, etc.) as necessary
  • Hang, cable, and gel lighting instruments as necessary
  • Set up fog machine(s)
  • Set up sound system and headsets
  • Attach the string of lights to the edge of the stage
  • Measure and mark the center of the stage and all other markings
  • Organize and set up all of the backstage areas including securing equipment and cables, marking sight lines, etc.
  • Help Load-in committee unload costumes and props
  • Coordinate with Props to assemble Gingerbread House and Throne before Technical Rehearsal

At Shows

  • Mop Marley 3 hours before each show with warm water (no soap!)
  • Sweep floor 30 minutes before each show
  • Sweep up artificial snow during intermission
  • Stage Manager:  run all aspects of the show including supervising all technical workers, coordinating with the House Manager, communicating with the cast.  Solve all problems as they present themselves
  • Assistant Stage Manager:  follow the instructions of the Stage Manager to communicate with the people on Stage Left, solve problems, etc.  Coordinate the handling of props, watch the movement of backdrops, operate the fog machine, help with quick costume changes, etc.  Maintain calm order in the wing.
  • Grip:  following cues from the Stage Manager, move the backdrops in and out, raise and lower the curtain, shake the snow onto the stage.  Also help with things that need to be done in the wing (similar to Assistant Stage Manager).
  • Sound Operator:  set up the sound system and headsets, following cues of the Stage Manager, start and stop the CD and adjust the volumes on the monitors.
  • Lighting Designer/Light Board Operator:  if necessary, rent and install lighting instruments.  Following the cues of the Stage Manager, change the lighting for each scene and control the lights in the House.  Train and cue the follow-spot operators.
  • Follow-Spot Operators (2):  Learn to operate the Follow Spot and follow the instructions of the Lighting Designer and/or Stage Manager to operate the light during each show.  Follow-Spot Operators arrive at least a half hour before each show and are usually done about five minutes after the last curtain.  They can watch the whole show.

After Last Show

  • Help Load-out committee load props and costumes back into truck or car
  • Take apart EVERYTHING that was put into the stage area and get it ready to be returned.  This is called the “Strike” and the goal is to return the theater to exactly the condition it was in when we arrived (if not cleaner).


Message from the Director

Thank you for helping out in such a critical role!  I know your work may not seem glamorous, but the final product hinges on your excellent attention to detail.  This crew has always exceeded expectations in the past.  Thanks!

Programs – 2 to 3 people

Desired Skills

Prior sales experience (for selling ads), familiarity with MS Publisher, strong organizational and communication skills

Number of volunteer hours

Membership on this committee fulfills the Nutcracker volunteer commitment.


  • Verify with Julia how much to charge for ads
  • Coordinate with the person running the Raffle and the Ballet Boutique committee to make sure you aren’t contacting the same businesses.  Think about splitting up the business contacts.
  • Identify businesses to approach to sell ads. Begin with those who have purchased ad space in the past.  Query cast member parents to see if their place of work or their own businesses would like to purchase ad space.  If businesses don’t want to purchase ad space, inquire if they will donate product or service to either the boutique or prizes to the raffle.
  • Divide up the businesses to contact among members and solicit them for ads in the program
  • Discuss how many pages to dedicate to ads – consider cost effectiveness, and proper representation of the business.
  • Update program based on this year’s cast and committee list.  The cast list will be different for the matinee versus the evening show
  • Contact either the Publicity Chair or the guest artist for his/her bio.  Update the guest artist biographies in the Program, check with Julia if the Director’s note and Nutcracker story need to be updated
  • Upload a PDF of the Program as well as a separate PDF of the cast list for both shows to the Yahoo group.  Ask cast to review and email corrections.
  • Edit the Program to make corrections
  • Make a printed copy of the Program for both shows available at the studio for people to review and correct
  • Order and pick up copies of the Program for the matinee and evening show
  • Update the program for the School Matinee.  (This is a 1 page list of cast members.)
  • Order and pick up copies of the School Matinee program.  Check with School Coordinator as to

how many schools are attending.

  • Make sure sponsors understand that if they are purchasing ad by credit card, they will see Academy of American ballet school as the name of the entity who charges them, not Ballet America.

Message from the Director

Thank you for helping to get the word out to local businesses about our show.  You play a critical role in creating a community for the arts (as well as defraying costs for the program).

Props – 6  People

Desired Skills

Minor carpentry, minor painting, good with glue gun, organizational skills, familiarity with Excel

Number of volunteer hours

Membership on this committee fulfills the Nutcracker volunteer commitment



  • Inventory all props and update inventory on excel spreadsheet
  • Angel candles need to be tested for working batteries and bulbs each year
  • Work with the director to determine whether any props need to be replaced because they have neared the end of their lifecycle
  • Work with the director to order or replace any props missing from last year
  • Inform dancers about where to find and return props for rehearsals and performances
  • Ensure that props are ready for first all-cast rehearsal
  • Prepare props for Load-In and coordinate with them when they will be dropping things off so that you can first get the large props (sugar plum tree, gingerbread house, Christmas tree, and throne) first.  That way the halls are jammed with costumes as you try to get those things put together.
  • Set up prop tables at the Fox Theatre in the backstage common area and coordinate with Production to assemble large props
  • Prepare a schedule so that at least one Props member/chair is back stage during each Fox performance to help in repairing props, in case of failure
  • Perform final props inventory after last performance
  • Maintain spreadsheet with props inventory and upload to Nutcracker website
  • Divide work and assign
  • Coordinate with MOTIO ([email protected]  phone  839-9980) to gain access to Motio room’s back closet to get gingerbread house down.
  • Bring appropriate tools to assemble large props like the Gingerbread House and Throne
  • Check notes on yahoo group about Sugar Plum Tree decorations and how to assemble
  • Use lottery system for who helps at each show, and make sure to communicate that before people buy tickets to a specific show.



  • Repair damaged props
  • Repaint props as necessary
  • Replace props or buy new props as directed by Chair
  • Be available back stage during performance for prop repair, in case of props failure (schedule with Chair)
  • Check in all props during a show as the dancers finish with them
  • Ensure that there are enough batteries for the candles used by Clara and the Angels
  • Coordinate with Production to assemble Gingerbread House and Throne before Tech Rehearsal

Message from the Director

Thanks for your efforts in making sure the valuable props are taken care of.  The little details show through onstage and our dancers appreciate being able to use them!

Publicity – 5 to 7 people

Desired Skills

Prior publicity experience, prior marketing experience, familiarity with Word, familiarity with Excel, strong organizational and communication skills

Number of volunteer hours

Membership on this committee fulfills the Nutcracker volunteer commitment.


  • Brainstorm on different, cost effective ways to promote the show to our target audience of families with children
  • Ensure that the nonprofit mailing permit is current, and contains funds for postage.
  • Update poster, flyer, postcards, advertisements, press release, save the date letter for cast to send to friends and family, and letters highlighting our dancers to their  school newsletters
  • Do strip ads in conjuction with Lori $40 a day and need info 1.5 months out.  She does stip ads for Fox
  • Facebook Ads—target families in and around Redwood City
  • Use Copyworld for flyers $109 for 5000 (4×6 and 5 x7 flyers).  Ask Lori for San Francisco address or email.  I am not sure if this is her special rate.
  • Consider looking at some major upcoming children’s events and see if you can get some BA dancers to help pass out flyers after or before show.
  • Bay Area Parent Ads
  • Get updated address list from Lori’s database at Fox and mail postcards.
  • Try to get in on The Patch, Almanac circulation, Simna, Spectrum Magazine, San Jose online, San Mateo Daily journal, San Fransico Arts Monthly, Redwood City online.
  • Contact Lori about getting Best Value Copy in New York to do 11 x 14 poster for window.
  • Do business cards
  • Follow up with Lori to see if we can pay her to do Theatre Bay Area membership

Order 11×14 color posters and black and white copies of 8.5×11 flyers.  Update Marquee poster with date (ask Julia where it is), and connect with Lori Lochefield asap to coordinate getting into a prominent window at Fox.  Any contact with Lori should be cordial.  We received complaints about our demeanor with them last year?  Don’t know who/why.  Lori Lochtefeld- Owner

Fox Theatre- Redwood City

2333 Broadway St.

Redwood City, CA 94063

(P) 650-298-3431

(F) 650-469-7136

  • Show is on Friday, December 6, at 7:00PM and Sunday, December 8 at 2:00.  School Matinees are 10 and 12:00 on Dec. 6.
  • Make sure Lori updates Fox website with detailed ticket info and gives us link to our site for tickets.
  • Arrange to have posters and flyers distributed
  • Promote the performance at the RWC Farmers Market and at fall RWC downtown events.
  • Send out promotional letters to each dancer’s educational school.
  • Place calendar listing and or print ads in publications, like Bay Area Parent Magazine, in a timely fashion so the public is aware of the show in time to buy tickets
  • Send email notices to Mother’s Clubs and pertinent websites such as homeschooling sites
  • Place Nutcracker performance on pertinent website calendars
  • Contact newspapers to interest them in writing stories to promote our show
  • Prepare and mail promotional postcards
  • Contact cast for names and addresses of friends and families.  Add new names to the master mailing list.
  • Send the “Save the Date” email to cast announcing show and supply promotional materials to send to their friends and family
  • Request Biographies from the professional dancers dancing major roles in Nutcracker Create and stage two marketing windows at the Fox Theater.
  • Prepare Press kits, with current bios, press release, photos, etc.
  • Coordinate cast participation in the annual RWC Hometown Holiday event.  (booth, stage performance, and or parade participation.)

Message from the Director

Thank you for all of your work in getting the word out about our show.  Your professionalism and creativity are rewarded when our show is well-attended.  Not only does a large crowd make the dance experience richer for our dancers who feel that energy in the audience, but it also helps to make the show feasible.

Raffle – 2 People

Contact local businesses to solicit donations for the raffle, advertise to cast, and run the raffle.  Inform winners of the prizes and arrange delivery.

Desired Skills

Sales, marketing, good communication skills

Number of volunteer hours

Membership on this committee fulfills the Nutcracker volunteer commitment


  • Coordinate with the Programs and publicity committee to make sure you aren’t contacting the same list of businesses.  You can help publicity with flyers as you go to new businesses. Think about splitting up the business contacts.
  • Contact businesses (particularly dance-related like Dancer de Jour, Just for Dance, Capezio) for donations
  • Send email to cast announcing raffle and ticket prices
  • Set up display at the public performances and sell tickets (coordinate with Ballet Boutique)
  • Collect payments (you can set up a box at the studio to do this as well)
  • Draw prizes, notify winners, and distribute prizes

Message from the Director

Thank you for bringing in more funds through the raffle.  Our show will keep getting better as our budget builds.  Your efforts are valued!

School Coordinator – 3 People

Desired Skills

Strong organizational and leadership skills, good with the public

Number of volunteer hours

Coordinator 1 fulfills the Nutcracker volunteer commitment.

Coordinator 2 fulfills 15 hours of the Nutcracker volunteer commitment.


Coordinator 1

School Coordinator 1 will have to start work by early September.  Book the 10:00 show, keep track of tickets sold, collect and deposits payments for the 10:00 show

  • Obtain a copy of database of public and private schools in Santa Clara and San MateoCounty and update with information from the internet and county education offices in Santa Clara and San Mateo
  • Decide on target schools
  • Develop cover letter, flyer, and confirmation sheet
  • Serve as contact for schools and groups for all questions pertaining to the school matinee shows
  • Make copies of flyers for mailing and purchase stamps, envelopes, and labels
  • Contact schools in early September to plan their field trips and maybe contact schools that came for the previous performance to give them priority
  • Distribute flyers to parents of dancers so they can take them to their school teachers and principals
  • Send out email blast to Redwood CitySchools and any other school districts who offer this service
  • Mail flyers to schools
  • Collect payments from schools and groups.  Make sure checks are written to Ballet America
  • Create and maintain spreadsheet of attendance, send invoices and confirmation letters, deposit checks
  • Forward Director periodic reports
  • Create seating chart for Coordinator 2 to confirm and create seating labels
  • Work with Coordinator 2 to perform additional advertising if necessary
  • Work with Coordinator 2 to confirm s eating and ushers for Matinee
  • Work with publicity, tickets, and usher committees
  • Make sure you have non-profit ID  to get flyer distribution through San MateoCountyEd office
School Coordinator 2

Responsible for organizing information and helping to book the 12:00 show school matinee (Dec 6, 10 12:00 pm shows).  Also responsible for the orderly seating of all the groups attending these performances.

  • Send email to schools following up the mailing.
  • Serve as the contact for parents who want to have their child’s class attend a school matinee.  Pass this information along to Coordinator 1.
  • Provide parking, directions and bus drop off/pickup information to the schools.
  • Plan school show schedule including introductions, breaks, seating, and closing remarks
  • Figure out where groups will be seated (work with Coordinator 1) in the Fox for both performances.
  • Take ticket orders for 12:00 show.  Try to promote further for homeschool families and pre-school families.  We will need your email address for teachers to contact you.  Give to Julia and Hilary asap.
  • One or two days before Dec 6,  prepare two copies of the seating matrix (designate each schools locations; sections, seat numbers on a blank Fox Seating chart, use colored highlighters  to help identify locations and the actual seats on the seating chart)
  • Obtain ushers (from cast member parents) and coordinate with them what is happening for the school shows on Dec 6.  These ushers may stay to see the school matinee.
  • Train these ushers during the Tech Rehearsal
  • Plan mapping meeting for seating with School Coordinator #1 and ushers for show
  • Make signs for each school.  On the back of each sign write the section and rows where they are to be seated.  (This helps the usher seating the group tremendously)  Alternatively, on a blank Fox Theatre spreadsheet, highlight the seats for the school and type in the school name, the section and seat numbers to be handed to usher seating the group.
  • Have table and/or representative out front to check off schools that arrive and line up early.
  • Coordinate with Matinee Spokesperson to make sure they welcome audience, give brief talk, and thank the attendees at the end.
  • Coordinate with Director to have entire cast and production crew come onstage at end of show to wave goodbye.
  • Make sure theater sets up seating very early in morning and open doors one hour before show (start this the night before at the tech rehearsal on Dec 62.)
  • If the shows are not sold out, sell tickets for leftover seats at door.
  • Work with School Coordinator 1 and the House Manager
  • Walk through the theatre and pick up any trash left over in the aisles and between rows, and put up the cushions of all seats in the vertical position.  This needs to be done before the first school show, between the two school shows, and after the second school show.  Recruit other people to help with this.

Message from the Director

Thank you for all of your help in making the school shows a success. You are helping to bring the Nutcracker to many children who may not otherwise get the chance to see ballet.

Show Spokesperson – 1 Person

Desired Skills

Public speaking and speechwriting

Number of volunteer hours

Fulfills the volunteer requirement


  • Write a short speech welcoming the schools audience and describing the Nutcracker Story (you can refer to last year’s speech).  Talk about period of Nutcracker, why dancers don’t use words, basics of different scenes, dancers on pointe, etc.
  • Rehearse speech.  Dress nicely.
  • Make a very warm, and enthusiastic greeting to the schools of (try to obtain list from Hilary Paulson as to name of schools attending).
  • Remind audience to turn off cell phones and not to take any flash photos.
  • Deliver speech at the middle of Act 1 and Act 2 during the time tech crew is changing sets.  Be available 20 minutes before the show starts and check in with Mari, and then again 15 minutes before Act 1 ends.
  • Thank the audience at the end of each show and tell them how to exit.  Discuss exit plan with Hilary.
  • Talk to Production about using a microphone

Message from the Director

Thank you for helping in the educational process of our youth.  This matinee show will be both entertaining, as well as educational for many children on the Peninsula.  The goal is to make it fun and interesting.

Video and Photographs – 1 Person

Desired Skills

organizational and communication skills

Number of volunteer hours

8 hours (you will be using last year’s vendors and they mail out all orders)

Time:  2 hours on video, 4 hours spent promoting the still photographs and coordinating the sitting schedule between shows,  <2 hours organizing DVD orders to be picked up at the studio

10-12+ hours if chair needs to solicit and coordinate with a new vendor.


  • Contact the previous year’s videographer and photographer (John Dugan) to see if s/he is interested in working at our show again
  • If last year’s videographer and/or photographer isn’t available, you need to locate a qualified person.  Make sure that this person has recorded or photographed similar theatre productions, see if you can get samples.
  • If the videographer and/or photographer is new to our production, acquaint them with the overall story of the ballet so they will know what to focus on.
  • Get order forms from the videographer and/or photographer.  Hard copies should be available at the studio and an electronic copy should be uploaded to the Yahoo group and announced to everyone.
  • Let the cast know who is recording the show and what prices s/he is charging for DVDs and tapes.  If there is a deadline for ordering, include that information.
  • Let the cast know who the still photography vendor will be, and if they are doing posed versus performance photographs.  If performance photographs, the let the cast know which performances the photographer will attend.   If posed, coordinate the sitting schedule between shows at the Fox.  Let cast know pricing for the stills.  Ask the videographer and/or photographer which shows they will be shooting.  Since the cast for many of the major roles will be split, find out how many orders these people will need for them to shoot both the matinee and evening shows and make it worth their time and effort.
  • Provide Online Ticket Sales and the School Coordinator with the contact information so they can contact the photographer and/or videographer to find out what seats need to be reserved so they can shoot.  This needs to be done before public ticket sales open.
  • Determine who will be handling the payment and paperwork, you or the videographer and/or photographer

Message from the Director

Thank you for helping to make tangible the memory of Nutcracker for all of our families.

Nutcracker Organizer

Update Cast/Committee Excel Spreadsheet.  Obtain school list/committee info and marry the two documents into an excel spreadsheet.

Coordinate all pertinent information for any late comers who register in Nutcracker; i.e., make sure they sign up for the Nutcracker yahoo group  ([email protected]), understand the important commitments for parents posted in audition doc (posted at ), contact appropriate committee they have been assigned to (ask Julia), and have turned in all deposits written out to Ballet America.

Update cast/committee list and email updates to the chairs of the following committees: costumes, programs, and publicity, and Laura Baldini, Kate Lieberth, Tanya Gunton-Carroll, and Julia Dugan.

Obtain ticket sale information from ticket committee to find out who didn’t sell all 12 tickets.  Give Julia the total refund due the families that didn’t sell all 12 ($350 minus number of tickets sold times $18 per ticket).  So give a list of family name (need parent’s last name and refund amount).  This is due by December 14.

Hello Ladies,


You are helping in some degree or another with Nutcracker organization, so I thought I would try to set some of that up in an email.


Coordinator 1, will be in charge with all pieces that require jackrabbit access which  includes updating the list for new cast members, sending publicity dancer’s home town, and printing out medical information for chaperone committee for the day of the show.  I am also hoping that you will send each new family the Nutreg.doc, tell them to sign up for yahoo group, get their checks, and notify me, costumes, programs, and publicity of any new families.  Make sure the excel spreadsheet has each role listed by scene.  Every time an update is made, email costumes, publicity, and programs.  Please print out 3 rollsheets for the shows at Fox on Dec. 6 and 8?  We can do this near the end, when we know our entire cast.  We will try to add on our guest dancers who will never be a part of jackrabbit, but we do need to get them on our cast list and rollsheets.  Post at Fox on Thursday, Dec. 6 in a prominent place for people to sign in.


Coordinator 2, is responsible for Nut communication emails (like where to park around the theatre and when to show up for major rehearsals.  Update dates and anything else that needs to be different.  There are some attachments in this file:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BA_nutcracker/files/TechRehearsalAndPerformance/

Coordinator 3, if you could please communicate with tickets within a couple days of the end of our show to find out if there are any families who haven’t sold all 12 tickets and then give me the refund amount due to those families, that would really help.  In other words,  I will cash the $350 deposits of those families, and just refund what is due to them.  So I need to know how much I owe them (subtract out $18 per ticket left unsold, $50 for a missed committee meeting).  Please try to do this within a week of the show’s ending.  You will also need to contact the committee chairs to find out if any members didn’t fulfill their obligations and let me know if anyone needs to forfeit their deposit.  If you can then send the emails of the families whom I need to notify about their cashed deposits, that would be a great help to me.  That way, I can quickly email that group, cash their check, and refund part of their deposits.


Ushers – 10 People (note only fills 3 hours of hours)  DO NOT CHOOSE THIS AS AN OPTION!!! I ASSIGN THIS DIRECTLY


Skills:  requires showing up to the theatre 1 hours before the show, wearing nice clothing, being personable

Responsibility:  Warmly welcome the audience, take tickets, hand out programs and help people find their seats.  Everyone must work together to ensure that NO ONE gets in without a ticket.

Arrive at theatre:  Friday, December 6, 2013:  8:45 am for matinee (starts at 10:00 am) and 11:30 for 12:30 show.  Arrive at 1:00 for 2:00 show on Dec. 8 and 6:00  pm for main performance on Friday, Dec.  (starts at 7:00 pm).  Times below for evening performance—adjust appropriately for matinee.  PLEASE BE ON TIME!  It is very difficult getting everything set up if Ushers arrive late.

Wear:   Blue shirt with black pants/skirt.  This makes the Ushers look professional and official.

Bring:     Small pen style flashlight to help people find their seats.

6:00 pm:          Check in with House Manager at front of theatre.

6:00 – 6:30:     4 Front Door Ushers will be ticket takers at the front door.  2 House Ushers will be positioned at each house entrance.

6:15 pm:          The House Manager will open the front door.  Front Door Ushers:  Greet each audience member with a smile and a warm “Welcome to the Show.”  Take the ticket stub from each ticket holder and return the large part to them.  Remember, NO ONE gets in without a ticket.  Seats are assigned and extra people will mess everything up.  Children 2 and under are allowed in without a ticket so long as they sit on their parent’s lap.  Put ticket stubs in ticket stub box provided by House Manager.

6:30 pm:          The House Manager will open the house.  House Ushers:  When the House Manager tells you to, prop open your house door appropriately.  Greet each audience member with a smile and a warm “Welcome to the Show.”  One Usher at each door hands out programs while the other helps people find their seats.  Report any seating discrepancies to the House Manager.  Monitor crowd flow and make sure everything is orderly.

7:00 pm:          Show Starts.  Two Ushers must continue to man the front door at all times until 10 minutes after Intermission.  The four Front Door Ushers can rotate this responsibility.  As the show starts, each house door must be closed.  House Ushers continue to help late arrivals find their seats.  If this will be a large distraction, have the later arrivals stand in the back until Intermission.

Intermission:    Prop open all house doors.  Two Ushers must continue to man the front door at all time until 10 minutes after Intermission.  All smokers and others who leave the theatre during Intermission must show tickets to get back in.  Give ticket stub box to the House Manger.

15 Minutes:      Close each house door as the 2nd Act starts.

End of Show:   Open all front doors and each house door.  Ensure people exit in an orderly manner.  Come to the cast party for beer and pizza!!


Floater Jobs

From time to time, various Nutcracker Committees need extra people to help out.  These are short-term assignments that can help you fulfill your volunteer commitment.  Please contact the Chair of these committees for more information.  There should be other floater jobs that crop up during the Nutcracker season.

Ballet Boutique (filled)

  • Help to create bouquets (3 hours), contact the Ballet Boutique Chair for date and time


Music – 1 Person (Filled)

Desired Skills

Musicality, access to a CD burning program so you can create music CDs

Number of volunteer hours

4 hours?


  • Find out how many rehearsal directors there are.
  • Cut enough copies of CD for production, rehearsal directors, and backstage chaperones (4, but check with the Chaperone Chair.  Make all cuts and adjust tempos.  Deadline, Nov. 1.  Music – not so loud.  Also, have holiday/Christmas jazz to play before and after show.  ALL CD’S MUST BE RETURNED TO JULIA AFTER SHOW OR YOU WILL NOT BE PAID.



Needs volunteers to stand in the booth, hand out postcards or flyers to passing patrons, answer questions about the ballet company/performances, and let them know where they can get tickets.

  • Promote the show at the Redwood City Farmers market.  The market is on Saturdays, you would need to be there from 8 am until noon.  You can sign up for any Saturday in October and November.  (4 hours each Saturday that you work)
  • Fall Redwood City Salsa Festival.  Event runs from 10 am to 6 pm.  2 hour shifts.

Costume Check-in

At the end of the December 8, 2:00 pm performance, we need 6 people to check-in costumes.  You will be assigned to a particular dressing room.  You will need to show up backstage near the end of Intermission and can start checking in costumes from Act I.  Therefore, we prefer to have people who haven’t bought tickets for the evening performance or dancers who have finished their roles at least by the beginning of Act 2.

Number of Volunteer Hours

2 – 3 hours


  • Familiarize yourself with the costume and its accessories so you know what should be coming back
  • Use the Costume check-in sheet to verify that all the costumes in a particular dressing room are present.
  • Go after dancers who have finished their performance to get their costumes
  • If you are assigned to help children and/or teenagers you need to insure that the costumes are properly attached to the hanger.
  • 2008 Nutcracker Ballet - Jake Dugan
  • 2012 Nutcracker Ballet - Elise Rhen - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2014 Nutcracker Ballet - Haylie Jarvis - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2015 Ballet America Company Photo
  • 2014 Nutcracker Ballet - Julia Dugan - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2014 Nutcracker Ballet - Jackie Dugan - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2014 Nutcracker Ballet - Arabian Scene - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2014 Nutcracker Ballet - Arabian Scene - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2014 Nutcracker Ballet - Haylie Jarvis - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2014 Nutcracker Ballet - Sage Leland - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2014 Nutcracker Ballet - Haylie Jarvis - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2014 Nutcracker Ballet - Micah Walters - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2014 Nutcracker Ballet - Ellis Spickermann - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2014 Nutcracker Ballet - Haylie Jarvis - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2014 Nutcracker Ballet - Sweets Scene - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2014 Nutcracker Ballet - Haylie Jarvis - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2014 Nutcracker Ballet - Haylie Jarvis - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2014 Nutcracker Ballet - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2012 Nutcracker Ballet - Allegra Mangione - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • Jackie Dugan - Academy of American Ballet - Redwood City
  • Nutcracker Ballet - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • Nutcracker Ballet - John Dugan - Tanya Gunton-Carroll - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City
  • 2014 Nutcracker Ballet - Jackie Dugan - Ballet America - Fox Theatre - Redwood City

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